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Hobbitish Or " Bilbo Baggins" Illustrated", The International Sketched Hobbit.

German edition / Klaus Ensikat Bulgarian edition / Petr Chuklev Czech edition / Jiri Salamoun Estonian edition / Maret Kernuemees French edition / Chica English edition / Alan Lee English edition / Michael Hague Latvian edition / Laima Egl´te French edition / Evelyne Drouhin Japanese edition / Ryuichi Terashima Portuguese edition / Antonio Quadros English edition / David Wyatt Russian edition / I. Oleinikov Russian edition /I. Pankov Russian edition / V. Krivenko Russian edition / M. Bielomlinsky Russian edition / Denis Gordeev Romanian edition / Livia Rusz comics adaptation / David Wenzel Maps Swedish edition / Tove Jansson Swedish edition / Torbj÷rn Zetterholm Esperanto edition / Masa Bajenova


I want to present in these galleries, a set of worldwide illustrations published in foreign editions for J.R.R Tolkien's "The Hobbit". From 1947, when the first non-Tolkien illustrated edition was published in Sweden (to my knowledge), to the Nineties, a large number of artists tried to sketch Bilbo. Nowadays, in many countries, new editions tend to take up Tolkien's own paintings, except maybe for the russian editors, who continue to publish, each year, new illustrated editions with an uneven artistic quality for some of them.

These galleries are almost all online ; others will come later ! Please, enjoy your visit !


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German edition from 57 or 67 illustrated by Horus Engels. (Thanks John for the cover !) Russian edition illustrated by Denis Gordeev. The images from this edition are online thanks to Natalia, but I'm still looking for this book published in 91 and 92.


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